Featured Dance (Auditioned)

Send us a 10 second video of you or even a whole crew dancing. Choose a section of the song you wish to dance to. Your dance can, but does not need to, be created by you. Unfortunately, since we believe having full attention on one video at a time is so important, we will only highlight a few submissions at various points within the performance. Regardless of whether your video is used or not, you will be recognized in the credits.


What do I do?

Create a 10 second video of you dancing to a particular section of the music. While you are recording, we ask that you have the practice tracks playing out loud in the video. This will help us sync your video with the musicians.

What do I wear?

Wear anything (as long as it is appropriate)! If you are looking to be unique, wear something that relates to your dance style. Avoid anything with words on it as it will take away from the focus on you.

Where should I dance?

Dance anywhere that is spacious enough to accommodate you! Remember this is an auditioned video so it's important to make your video as spectacular as possible. Don't worry if the best place you can find is your backyard, this is just a suggestion.

Can someone hold the camera for me?

Yes! So feel free to use your space so they can follow along with you. The only thing we ask is that you make sure the video does not appear shaky, as it will take away from the performance. If no one can record for you, it is fine to record yourself.

Can I dance with other people?

YES! We encourage lots of participation in this project. Sadly, COVID-19 makes it hard for large groups to be together. It is your responsibility to determine if it is safe to be with a certain crowd (we'll still love your video even if you are wearing masks).

How will my video be used?

Throughout the video, the large ensembles will be shown for the majority. In certain spots, we will show your video on the screen alone (subject to change) to ensure you will be the main focus.

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