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Grand Orchestra

Join The Orchestra

If you can play and read music then this section is for you! We may not have your instrument (no guitar and piano) but the arrangement is designed to have many different woodwind, brass, percussion, and string parts. To determine if you are at the skill level necessary to play the arrangement, please find your part and practice with the SoundCloud tracks. As lots of people are capable of playing multiple instruments, you are allowed multiple submissions (one of each part).


Play A Duet (Auditioned)

We will be selecting two instrumentalists to feature at the very beginning of the orchestral section. There is no preference for the instrument pairing. The parts may not be written in your preferred clef so without changing the key (beware it is written at concert pitch currently), play the parts in an octave most reasonable for your instrument. You may audition for one or both parts, however you will only be considered for one part. Unfortunately we believe having full attention on the two instrumentalists is important, so we will only select a few submissions to be highlighted. Regardless of whether your video is used or not, you will be recognized in the credits.


Where can I find the music?

Click the link below for pdf's for your category. If you instrument is not listed, unfortunately you cannot submit.

What do I wear?

Wear anything that is appropriate. Avoid anything with words on it as it will take away from the focus of the video.

Where should I record?

You may record in any non-distracting space. We prefer a neutral background if possible in a space with little to no echo. You must be alone to avoid any background noise. Visit our video/photo specs page for more information about recording spaces.

Can someone hold the camera for me?

This is not recommended. Rest your camera on a tripod or any object that will prop up the device. If this is not an option, you may have someone record but the video must not be shaky and they cannot move while recording.

Can I play with other people?

No. Only one person should be heard and seen per submission.

Can I submit for more than one category?

Yes! We encourage everyone to participate as much as they want. If you want to play in the orchestra and join the choir (or anything else) we invite you to submit multiple flies. When you are ready to create a Wetransfer link, upload all files and leave a message telling us what is included in the link.

How can I practice?

Using your music and our soundcloud practice tracks, you will have the chance to listen and play along to your part in multiple ways. The practice tracks will include one track with your part played alone, one track with all parts played softly and your part played the loudest, and one track with all the parts at the same volume.

How will my video be used?

For the majority of the performance, the large ensembles will be shown. Each video submission will be shown together, some more than others. If you are a person of color, we may show your video more than others. This will be done in order to give you a chance to speak about something that directly affects you. If you are not a person of color, we will design the video in ways to portray you as an ally to the BLM movement. The duet partners will be bigger than most videos in order to be the main focus.

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