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Smartphone, webcam, video camera and any other device capable of recording video.


The aspect ratio of your video/photo needs to be 16:9. Most smart phones automatically capture videos and photos in a portrait orientation (9:16). Simply turn the phone horizontally, or to a landscape orientation, in order to record in 16:9. Videos/photos taken in portrait will not be accepted.


Video: 720p at 30fps (29.97fps). Beware your device may already record at a higher resolution and frame rate, so change this setting accordingly.

Photo: There is no minimum or maximum requirement. However, the best quality photos are more likely to be accepted.

Background Noise

Eliminate any and all noise that may interfere with your recording. Unfortunately most of us do not have access to soundproofed rooms. Turn off heaters, air conditioning, fans, cars, showers, crying babies, barking dogs, goldfish, etc. Many times we tune out these sounds and forget they are there.

Recording Setup

For dancers, use one device to record and a second device to play the music out loud. The music needs to be decipherable in the video in order to properly sync the submission.

For instrumentalists and singers, use one device to record yourself and a second device to watch/listen to the conducting videos with headphones. Headphones will ensure your video will include only the sound of you playing/singing.

File Type

For Video: MP4 or MPEG4 (preferred), .MOV, .WMV, .M4V or .AVI are acceptable.

For Photo: JPG or JPEG (preferred) and PNG are acceptable.

Considerations and

  • All musicians: please record from the chest up and include your whole head in the video

  • Center yourself and artwork, most cameras will offer a grid feature so you can determine if the subject is truly centered

  • Make sure the subject is well lit. We can’t appreciate it in the dark!

  • Make sure your background is appropriate. A plain backdrop or non-distracting space is highly preferred but not required.

  • Do not include multiple people in your video unless you are dancers working together

  • Do not take a picture with your artwork, the focus must be on the content

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