Visual Art

Show Off Your Stuff (Auditioned)

Any visual artists (photographers, painters, sculptors, videographers, bakers, etc.) are welcomed to submit for this category. We are looking for a maximum 10 second submission for any video material or photos of your work. Unfortunately, since we believe having full attention on someone’s art is important, we will only select a few submissions to be highlighted. Regardless of whether your artwork is used or not, you will be recognized in the credits.

Art Supply

What do I do?

Artists are encouraged to create something that portrays or relates to the following ideas:

  • The injustice of police brutality

  • The ratification of racism

  • A more unified society

  • Love among people who look different

  • Modern day slavery (the oppression of black people by white supremacists)

  • Anything that will educate people about injustice and inspire change for an equal society

Can I be in the photo with my art?

No, unless you are part of the artwork. It is essential that the content is the main focus.

What style of art is the best to submit?

Any style is welcome. If your work involves movement, please submit a maximum 10 second video. Otherwise, submit a picture.

How will my video/picture be used?

Throughout the performance, the large ensembles will be shown for the majority. In certain spots, we will show your video/photo on the screen alone (subject to change) to ensure it is the main focus.

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